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Resources For Day Care And Child Care Facilities In Alaska

State Of Alaska - Child Care Program Office

The Child Care Program Office of Alaska administers the day care / child care licensing of Alaska.

Below is their contact information:

Child Care Program Office - Anchorage Office
619 E. Ship Creek, Suite 230
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone Number: 907-269-4500
Toll Free Statewide: 1-888-268-4632


Child Care Licensing Process

Becoming An Approved Child Care Provider
(These providers are exempt from licensure initially and can provide child care services to children whose families receive child care assistance. However, the provider must be licensed within a year to continue to receive child care assistance payments)

In-Home Care

Child Care Subsidy Program

Primarily funded by the federal Child Care Development Fund and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families grants, these subsidy programs help to alleviate (up to an extent) the burden of child care costs for parents depending on the family size and level of income.

Local Child Care Administrator

Child Care Subsidy Program Overview

Child Care Grant Program

This program provides cash support that enhances the quality of child care services offered by a provider. Certain restrictions apply to qualify for the child care grants.

Child Care Grant Program Overview

Child Care Grant Rate Schedule

Child Care Grant Payment Request Form

More Information

Child Care Food Program (If you qualify, this program reimburses a portion of your child care food costs)

Child Nutrition Services Start Education Partnership Grant - available to Head Start teachers

Head Start Center Location

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