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Resources For Day Care And Child Care Facilities In Arkansas

Arkansas Department of Human Services - Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education
This division administers the day care/ child care licensing of the state of Arkansas.

Their contact information is below:

700 Main Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Phone Number: 501-682-8590


Minimum Licensing Requirements For Child Care Centers

Minimum Licensing Requirements For Child Care Family Homes

Minimum Licensing Requirements For Registered Child Care Family Homes

Arkansas Online Licensing Application

Arkansas Child Care Licensing Overview

Arkansas Child Care Facilities Loan Fund
This loan fund program provides financial loan assistance to child care providers that would otherwise not qualify for bank financing required for starting or enhancing a child care facility.

Contact Phone Number: (501) 682-9699

More About The Guaranteed Loan Fund Program

Guidelines For Loan Fund Application Process
Child Care Resource Center
This center provides statewide resource library for child care providers in Arkansas. Various child care ideas can be derived from the resource center. A User Card is required to access the referral service. It is free if you are a licensed or registered child care provider in good standing.

Arkansas Child Care Resource Center User Card Application

Overview Of The Resource Center

More Information

Financial Assistance for Early Care and Education (depending on the family's income level, assistance may be available for early child care costs).

Program Support And Development

Special Nutrition Program (if your facility qualifies, you may be reimbursed for nutritious food served to children)

Arkansas Head Start Association

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